Toddler Music

Come have fun dancing, singing, and learning about music with us at Rehearse Live's music facility! Classes are 30 minutes.

Meet Michael (Mr. Mike)

Michael has been teaching private music lessons since 1987. In 2008 he started going to his middle son Oliver's preschool class to play and sing with the kids. The school asked him to play for every class, and then ended up asking him to be the school's music teacher!

That school went on to become Turning Sun School, and slowly expanded to 4 locations. Michael continued to do their music at 2 locations; while putting the program under Lessons Live, and hiring another teacher for the other 2 locations. Michael worked with Turning Sun to tailor a music program to their needs and sensibilities.

Since COVID-19 put a wrench, at least temporarily, in traditional schooling, music classes at Turning Sun had to be suspended. After receiving some requests from parents of former students, Michael started up classes at the Rehearse Live music facility!

Here's how we're managing the risks of COVID-19:
  • Each class is limited to 10 kids. That equals about 20 maximum in a 1450 square foot room.
  • The adults are required to wear masks.
  • Masks are optional for kids participating in class.
  • While performing on stage, the instructor may not wear a mask, but will be at least 10 feet away from others in the room.
  • The instructor will wear a mask during any interactions involving being closer to others.
  • If any parent or guardian requests that the instructor wear a mask at all times, the instructor will do so.
  • Everyone, including the instructor, will have their temperature taken before class starts.
  • Parents/guardians are instructed and agree to stay home if they or their child are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

Please feel free to contact Michael directly:

Michael Cady
Rehearse Live, LLC
Lessons Live, LLC
2365 Pleasantdale Road
Atlanta, GA 30340